Caption don't allow HTML code. Am I right?



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    @rainforest1155 said:
    Can you include a link to the photo in question? I tested an i and b tag in a caption on my gallery and it's displaying the text formatted fine.

    If it helps, I can offer this example: The first image in each of these two galleries is the same Collected image. Note how caption text formatting differs between the two viewing styles:

    1. Journal style gallery:
    2. Collage Portrait style gallery: - Janice Browne Nature Art & Photography
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    The collage styles itself don't support html - it's within the lightbox if the photo details are displayed that html is supported. The title and caption display on or below the tiles of the collage styles is intended to only display a the title and a small part of longer captions. To display as much as possible, any html formatting is purposely stripped out. I guess you used some CSS to expand the display, but this doesn't mean that the html formatting would then be possible.
    So if you'd like visitors to be able to view the full caption with formatting in collage styles, it would need to be within the lightbox photo details. Normally that's available by clicking on a photo to view it big in Lightbox and then click on the photo details button. But it appear you've hidden all this, which means you won't be able to see the full caption with formatting.

    You can turn back on title and captions in lightbox via the customize > content and design screen. In the content tab on the side, look for the lightbox option, hold your mouse over it and click on the wrench button.

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