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I shoot with my camera, edit on my laptop then upload to SmugMug and Flickr.
But because I don't want to spend all my time on my laptop I do additional things such as tagging, mapping and general organising on my phone. But, SmugMug offer next to no usable features in the app. To shift an image from one folder to another has been a fature on the phone since the times before the Great Flood. Will SmugMug be catching up any time soon?


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    We've been doubling down on the iOS and Android apps. The Android app is a little bit ahead of the iOS app.

    Both iOS and Android have recently received:

    • Improvements to the uploader, allowing you to upload multiple photos much much easier
    • Ability to create folders and galleries

    The Android app has also recently added:

    • Search
    • A new menu allowing you to take additional actions like bookmarking folders/galleries, marking photos for offline viewing, deleting items, and more
    • The ability to move or collect photos, folders and galleries

    The last one: Moving/Collecting was launched on Android last week.

    We strive to have the same features in our iOS and Android apps so all of those features will be coming in the iOS app. Search will be next for iOS and should be launched within a few weeks. The ability to move items is a little further out but obviously planned since we just launched it on Android.

    Android also has the ability to edit Titles, Captions and Geolocation on a given photo.

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