Collage Portrait Gallery Style: Info Showing on iPhone despite it being set to OFF

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I have a gallery for which I defined Collage Portrait as Gallery Style. See www.pixal.ch/Flims-2018/
I set the Info Style to OFF because I want only the pictures to be shown on the Gallery page. This works fine on my Mac and iPad but not on my iPhone 7 Plus (iOS 11.4). There below every image Title and Caption and so forth do show up and also, the pictures do not adapt to the width of the screen. I think this is a bug.


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    tomnovytomnovy Registered Users Posts: 1,101 SmugMug Employee

    Hey Pixal,

    I have tested your gallery and I can see that the SHOW CAMERA INFO option is still turned ON, which is why you can see the info on your devices - please see my screenshot: https://goo.gl/oebPyR
    You need to turn this option off, to hide your camera information.

    Or did you mean that you would like to hid the CAPTIONS, TITLES and KEYWORDS that appear below your photos?

    Your photos do adapt to the screen size. Can you please tell us what happens when you resize the screen size on your device?

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