Dgrin Mini-Challenge #268 - Airplane views - RESULTS!!

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Comments about the photos, then the results. I think I ended up picking my choices by my reaction to each photo. A lot of very nice shots, especially from plane windows that so many times have streaks and scratches. Thanks for all the entries!

@JAG - Really nice variation of cloud layers over the snow topped peaks in Somewhere over Washington State & the oval window through the haze is a cool bonus. Also like the layout and surreal look of the Idaho crop circles
@DavidRGillespie - Love the Challenges of a baggage handler title and the shot is great with an awesome backdrop! Really like the composition in Goodbye Snow, the funky circle above the wing and the curve in the road reaching toward the wing, nice.
@slpollett - Really like the plane flying into the hazy sunset over Washington DC, and the clouds are great in the Orlando trip shot.
@moose135 - Really nice shot up Charlotte, NC, and WOW - awesome refueling shots! Not a perspective many get to see.
@GrandmaR - Thames in England - So many neat things about this photo! The curve of the river, the London Eye, Big Ben, Waterloo Station, and for being taken from a plane window, looks pretty clear!
@bfluegie - The Greenland photos have an ethereal look to them, and I liked the waterfall shot, it fit in well with the theme. But the Hanalei Bay shot is also a beautiful photo!
@sapphire73 - Nice mountain shots! & I know it wasn’t an entry, but I do like your last shot, with the focus on the window ice, nicely captured!
@pegelli - Love all the ships - definitely a flock! And the alps - a great moody shot, beautiful!
@sarasphotos - Love the feel of Infinity - the texture of the water with all the white caps, the foggy clouds. And the border shot has some interesting shapes, nice.

Honorable Mentions:
JAG - Washington State
DavidRGillespie - Goodbye Snow!
pegelli - Flock of Ships
bfluegie - Hanalei Bay, Kauai

4 way tie for 2nd place:
DavidRGillespie - Challenges of a baggage handler
moose135 - Ready for contact!
pegelli - The alps
sarasphotos - Infinity

And the winner of this challenge is: grandmaR - Thames in England

The torch passes to you @grandmaR !

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    Thanks for the 2nd place, Lillian! And a hearty congratulation to @grandmaR for the well-deserved win.

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    Thank you. That flight the pilot flew from Schiphol low over England to Heathrow and I got some really nice shots on that trip. I did crop the photo down so that it looks closer. Some others from that flight

    As I was looking at the shot everyone submitted, it occurred to me that I probably take more photos from a plane than most people do. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut occasionally.

    Most of the things that I take photos of, I've already used for minis. I'll think about it

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    Thanks Lillian for 2nd place and the HM. Your commenting is also greatly appreciated :)

    Congrats grandmaR, indeed a stunning picture with so much to see. Looking forward to how you're going to challenge us this time.

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    Thanks Lillian for the second place, and the HM and the comments. much appreciated. Congratulations to GrandmaR on first place. As Pieter said, a great image with lots for the eye and the brain.

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    Lillian, thanks for an excellent challenge and for the comments and the HM. The waterfall photo was my favorite from the heli tour, but to me it just didn't say "photo from an aircraft" so I replaced it. And congratulations to everyone who entered since I really liked all the photos. Also congrats to @grandmaR for the win. Your photo was my favorite.

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    Kudos Lillian for a great challenge and your detailed comments. Thank you for HM! Congrats to grandmaR on your win!

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