Changing the appearance of a SmugMug album 'image' when it is shared on Facebook

GrahamW58GrahamW58 OxfordRegistered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
I have just shared my first SmugMug album on Facebook. The appearance of the 'preview' in Facebook is not how I would like it. The image itself is fine, but there's a grey panel beneath it with three lines of text;
* The smugmug URL
* The album title
* A grammatically incorrect statement "This photo hosted by SmugMug; your photos look better here"

I would like to change all three. I'd like my personal URL instead of the SM one; the album title is fine for filing purposes but not how I would refer to the images elsewhere, so I'd like my own choice of words; and, I'd like to be able to supply some more informative caption (and not one that blatantly promotes SM).

Can anyone tell me how I address this?

Thank you.


  • MarcQuinlivanMarcQuinlivan Beginner grinner IrelandRegistered Users Posts: 53 Big grins

    If the gallery description is blank it defaults to the Smugmug one. Give your gallery a description and it will use that text instead.

    How are you sharing your album?

    It would be nice to allow users to set their own custom default album description for social sharing in cases where they have not assigned a description to an album.

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