Rediscover the Echo!

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I always appreciated the newspaper growing up in a small town. It was like reading who did what...just short of gossip but it also told truth because they couldn't get away with anything lesser or over hyped ; no commentaries just short news columns and whatever anyone would call in about with ads, or events. Some of the police calls were a hoot to read. Anyway - on a visit I had the chance to walk thru and get a few shots of how they published the paper. Not too many photos; they were pretty guarded with their news and other reasons.... (probably fire chief) and I had to be fast - ugh!. So much history and the editor was an amazing character, very smart and friendly and always ready to support his town and people and education. He passed many, many years ago and under new management.

I decided to process in b/w that resembled the newspaper; processed thru silver effects using the closest filter and toning. However I really do like the color versions just to show off what it 'really' looks like. I am only including the monotone.



Photos of all the carriers through it's history.


Here the lights are pointing to the paper taped on the wall. They still piece work all of the typed news and placed them on the paper - The camera then took a photo of it. From there it went into processing and print. (couldn't take a photo of the news since it wasn't published yet)









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