Is this a reliable way to get the album key from an album's URL?

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My goal is to be able to paste an album URL and have my script generate a gallery with the album's images as delivered by the API.

The API needs an album's key in order to list the images.

This script attempts to get the album key from an album URL.

My question for the smugmug team: Is this a reliable way to get the album key?

  def get_album_key_from_url(album_url)
    if image_part = album_url.match(/(\/n-[\w]+)(\/i-[\w]+)/).to_a.last
      ensured_album_url = album_url.gsub(image_part, '')
      image_part = album_url.match(/(\/i-[\w]+)/).to_a.last
      ensured_album_url = album_url.gsub(image_part, '')
    album_url_encoded = URI.encode_www_form_component ensured_album_url
    r = HTTParty.get("#{URL}!weburilookup?APIKey=#{APIKey}&WebUri=#{album_url_encoded}", headers: {accept: 'application/json'})
      uri = r["Response"]["Album"]["Uri"]
      return nil unless uri.match? '/api/v2/album/'

      uri.gsub('/api/v2/album/', '')

What the code does:

  1. Removes the image part of the URL (remove the /n-ID/i-ID part or just the /i-ID part)
  2. What (hopefully) remains is the "album URL" -- I am not 100% sure. Is this true?
  3. Uses weburllookup to request the API URL for that album
  4. The album key is the last part of that album API's result's hash ["Response"]["Album"]["Uri"]


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