Front yard flappers

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Aloha peeps,

I recently picked up a Metabones lens adapter to fit Canon glass on a Sony camera, and today was the first day I've used it. Why would I use Canon glass? Because I already have it, and Sony wants a lot of dollars for their premium glass. After picking up the camera and 2 Sony lenses, a handful of speed lights and other doo-dads, I'm busted for a while. So, the only option is to use what I have and save for premium Sony or Ziess, right?

Today's setup: Sony a7r III + Canon EF 75-300 (like putting hubcaps on a Cadillac), hand-held and manually focused. Overall, I'm pleased with the results. I know the images could be so much sharper with better glass, but for a $100 zoom, I'm not unhappy about any of these.

Mahalo for viewing, I hope everyone enjoys!

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