Ugly, yet endearing

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Spent a few days on the coast (Central California) and visited a couple of beaches where the Elephant Seals hang out. Young and old - cavorting in the waves, and arguing and snoozing on the beach. I could spend hours watching them - and did.

1) - A couple of young seals play-fighting while another looks on.

2) - Shortly, the third one loses interest and naps.

3) - While another deftly applies sunscreen and fly repellent.

4) - An oldie-but-goodie decides to leave the water and make his way for a nap with the others.

5) - Oh, maybe I'll just rest a bit here.

6) - The old man's napping area destination- with napping police on patrol

7) - I yam a submarine, I yam a submarine - and nobody can see me.

8) - And if you don't think they are a little bit ugly, here is a close-up

9) - But at least someone loves her.

10) - The pups are really pretty cute. :smile:


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