Grid Layout is not showing square thumbnails

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Why is this page -

no longer displaying square thumbnails?

It looks like the Grid layout has changed??


  • HSWildlifeHSWildlife Beginner grinner The NetherlandsPosts: 13Registered Users Big grins
    edited July 26, 2018

    @LPC It only happens when you're logged in. If you logout or view your page incognito they look normal. (It happens when you're logged in to smugmug, on whatever account. Now I also see the strange thumbnails after reloading your site.)

  • LPCLPC Major Grins Posts: 481Registered Users Major grins

    Ok thanks. When did this change?

  • LPCLPC Major Grins Posts: 481Registered Users Major grins

    Well, whatever it was has been fixed or has resolved itself as I am logged in and we are back to square thumbnails in grid view.

  • Chasing DaylightChasing Daylight SmugMug Hero Posts: 39Registered Users Big grins

    Hi! It was a brief behavior that was fixed pretty quickly. It did only change the view for you logged in, so your site guests didn't experience it. :)

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