Sheila's Helping Hands from Around the World

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    Good Afternoon Grinners - My Bride is in the middle of a very tough battle with a S4 Gallbladder and Liver Cancer. As part of the team effort to keep her morale up we made the wrist bands up and then got them to our friends and colleagues world wide. The SST is symbolic in that we are all connected with aviation so we are going Supersonic to beat this thing but in reality SST stands for Sheila's Support Team!! I then made the above slide show to show Sheila how many people all over the world are sending positive thoughts and prayers her way as she battles this beast.
    Thought you all would like to see it and you have to have your sound turned on!! Just click anywhere in the above picture to see the show.
    Hope you enjoy and any positive thoughts and prayers you would like to send to Sheila would be most welcome!!

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    Extremely touching video, Spence. What a great effort you went to making this and editing it all together. Very well done! My best wishes for Sheila's health to get stronger and for her to beat the cancer.

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