How to omit certain galleries in Lightroom Sync?

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Is there a way to have LR SM sync skip selected folders? I have several situations where it is inappropriate for it to try to sync:

1) I have a number of guest galleries in my SM site and obviously those photos aren't in my LR catalog since they were uploaded by others.
2) I have a "Video" folder in my SM site where I upload my videos for viewing. I don't keep the videos in LR.

In both of the above examples I get a large number of conflicts that have to be resolved manually after I sync with the SM plugin sync tool.



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    Instead of syncing your entire site all the time, you can choose to sync one folder at a time. Right click on the folder, choose "Edit" and then click the Sync buttons and save. That way you wouldn't have to sync the folder you don't want to be synced, every time.

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