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I have an idea for a product/project for Smugmug, but don't have the knowledge to implement it myself.

I would like to work with a developer or two to see if we work together to write up a specification for a product (possibly marketable to other non-developer types), we could come up with a good product.

My background:

- been involved in the software industry for about 29 years in various capacities. QA, technical support, IT, etc.
- Was a SmugMug users for quite a while, but fell off the wagon after losing my cameras in a divorce settlement.
- Purchased a new camera, back on Smugmug. My former product of choice no longer works with SmugMug.
- Diagnosed in February with Stage 4 colon cancer. Had a tumor taken out of my colon, lost a third of my colon. Have a semi colon now but no colostomy bag, thank God.
- Going through chemo. Photography keeps me sane and allows me to do something I enjoy

Prefer a C# or Delphi developer. Would like to learn with you as you build the project. We would be a team of two or three.

Windows only, GUI, not command line.

Drop me a note if you think you might be interested. I have lots of ideas but not the skills at this point to implement them.

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Mike Strock
[email protected]
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