Being charged sales tax on orders for resale

dearowedearowe Bailey, ColoradoRegistered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
I posted this as a feature request, but after thinking about it I think its a bug.

As of June 1, Smugmug started charging me sales tax (for Colorado) for my orders. This is a really big problem as I sell those prints in a local gallery that collects the appropriate sales tax. I contacted support and was told the system could not process tax exempt statuses. They said I would need to talk to my accountant or local tax athority to reclaim the taxes.

It seems clear to me that your system is incorrectly charging me sales tax - that's a bug (and a serious one in my opinion). I was going to place a $400 order, but decided to go with a different vendor that (correctly) did not charge me sales taxes on my orders for resale. I would much prefer to order from Smugmug, but this is unacceptable.

I looked up the state's instructions and for claiming a refund on taxes. I can't post a link, but one of the required steps is to request a refund from the vendor (Smugmug) before filling it out and submitting the claim form. I would have to go through this for every order I placed.
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