Prints and other products not showing but downloads are

gdmoffittgdmoffitt Registered Users Posts: 9 Big grins

I recently uploaded a gallery, and assigned it the same price list I've used in previous ones in the same folder. However when testing with a non-admin connection, the products for the new gallery are limited to downloads only https://moffittimages.com/Sports/Soccer/Seattle-Sounders/Sounders-Art/, whereas the other galleries previously uploaded have the full range of pricelist products https://moffittimages.com/Sports/Soccer/Seattle-Sounders/Sounders-FC-vs-NYC-FC-7-29-18/ . The files in the new gallery are of sufficient size I believe (long side from about 2500 px to 4500 px), they are PNG files. I've verified from the pricelist tool that both galleries are assigned that same pricelist. Any suggestions appreciated.


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