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I have a problem that my customers have just alerted me to. My normal workflow is to load images into a specific gallery for each client on my smugmug site, and then email or message them the "custom URL" that is generated to it takes then directly to this private area.

On a phone it appears that there is no ability to download the entire gallery, just individual images which is quite painful.

Does anyone have a workaround for this or know and settings that would overocme it?



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    Hi. I'm sorry but it is not possible to download an entire gallery on a phone. That is because a gallery download would generate a zip file link, which would not work on a phone.
    But your guests can certainly download the entire gallery on a laptop or desktop computer.

    There is no work around for this.

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  • _hammy_hammy Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Thanks Vivian, thanks for the prompt response
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    This has now been changed to make our lives more difficult. Now when the client tries to download a gallery they are prompted to enter their email address and an email is sent to their pro who then has to authorise the download. Yes you, the pro has already set the gallery to download but Smugmug has changed it and you either need to (1) make the gallery public or (2) password the gallery. And guess what, it only last two weeks so if your client loses the images or just need to download you have to do it all over again. If you are a business customer as I am then you are actually paying Smugmug to make you life e difficult! :(

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    The links have always expired after two weeks. That has not changed.

    The approval for unlisted galleries was a necessary security feature that was added a few weeks ago.

    If you don't want to have to approve the downloads,

    1. Add a gallery password
    2. Add a download password
    3. Make the gallery public
    4. Use private sharing to share the gallery.
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    I use the way described by @mrneutron since I got on SM, never had big problems with clients, even with "less technological" clients (like older people). It's very simple and nobody has ever forgotten the password. Maybe entered fow a few times the wrong one, but not forgotten. And you don't have to authorize anyone.

    There is also the client area feature from SmugMug, but unfortunately it doesn't meet my needs.

    For me, to speed up the workflow, it would be useful to be able to copy galleries/folders, since it takes time to set them up from new for every client.

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