Lake Clark Bears

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Hi all,

I had a fabulous time at Silver Salmon Creek in Lake Clark, Alaska. I got lucky as there was a cancellation a few weeks ago and I managed to get two nights at SSCL. Got to see plenty of grizzlies, but unfortunately, there weren't any clams and so I lost out on the bears clamming. I will have to go again to capture that event. Below are a few images from my trip (shot with the D850 and the Sigma 150-600 Sports lens). I am still in the process of going through all my images (and of course, euphoric about this experience). Additional images on my website here. Thanks for looking.


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    Wow! Some real "posters" in there! Cheers!

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    No. 3 for the win. Wow. Those are all excellent. Glad you were able to get up there.

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    What a fantastic set - you must have had great time!! Good looking bears!

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    Amazing captures and love the cubs. Adorable!

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    Good the cubs

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    These pictures are incredible! I have the same lens and I'm amazed at how sharp some of the photos turn out. Anyways, well done!

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