How to find other photographers and how to browse Smugmug

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I have been using Smugmug for years and send emails from the Smugmug photosphere link to share my galleries, but I realize I have never browsed galleries belonging to other photographers. I don't even know how to do a search for another photographer by name on Smugmug. I suppose if I google their name their smug mug galleries might come up, but it seems there should be a more direct way to do that. It of course raises the question as to how to give my site more visibility to others browsing smug mug. A brief search on the support page shows only how to set up my own site which I already have a way to do. Clearly others do find my site from time to time. A brief search in Digital grin had no result. (Probably I phrased the question wrong.)
With the merger with Flickr it seems that may become even more relevant.



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