Is there an easier way to do this?

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So, on my website, I write up trip reports. Currently, they're quite a pain and rather time-consuming to put together. I drag the photo box over, dig through to the specific gallery, scroll to the photo, drag over a text box, etc. As you can probably tell, doing this hundreds of times can become quite tedious. Most of the time is spent clicking, dragging and selecting each photo.'

So, is there an easier way to do this and keep the same format as below (or as close as possible)? Is it possible to select multiple images at once in order then go back and add the text boxes later? That alone would save me a vast amount of time.



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    You should be able to achieve exactly the same thing without messing around with photo and text boxes. Create a new gallery using Journal style and upload all of your photos at once, or if you want to use photos already added to SmugMug you can make it a Smart Gallery or use Collect . Put your introductory paragraphs in the Gallery description,. For the lines of text you have between each photo you can enter that in the Caption field for each image, either here on SM or if you're in the habit of captioning and keywording during post it will automatically pull your caption and place it below each image. SmugMug allows up to 65,000 characters in the caption field, that should be more than enough for your purposes. All the spacing and fonts can be customized to make it look exactly the way you want, but I think you'll be happy even without any customization.

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