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updeinvaupdeinva Big grinsRegistered Users Posts: 27 Big grins

If you have a caption with a photo you lose the ability to see the file name. If you have a title with a photo you do not lose seeing the file name. Can Smugmug make it possible to have a caption with a photo and still retain seeing the file name?


  • AllenAllen "tweak 'til it squeaks" St. Louis, MoRegistered Users Posts: 9,816 Major grins

    The info button shows file name.

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  • grosloulougrosloulou Major grins Registered Users Posts: 87 Big grins

    If the info button could also display the size of the file,... it would be nice.
    I always wonder if i have some images in too low resolutions for shopping,... and opening each image one by one is tedious

    we have few small thumbnails in each galeries and instead of putting all tools on big thumbnails we need to open each image. tedious !


  • architectureshootingarchitectureshooting BerlinRegistered Users Posts: 7 Big grins
    yes please allow to display file names along with caption and title. this is essential if you want to use smugmug as an image archive and allow someone to reference to a certain image by it's unique filename in your gallery while keeping as much info's (caption and title) as originally set by the photographer. with very similar shots, the filename is the only way to identify safely a single photo.
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