Client Request about a Digital Album

laylaflowerslaylaflowers Registered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Hey! I'm new here. I had an unusual question a client asked me and I wasn't too sure what to tell her. She asked if there was a digital solution for her guests to upload their photos? I do supply a digital gallery of my own, however she wanted it specifically for photos taken by people. I did mention Instagram or Facebook but she wants it private and not everyone is into social.


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    jayegirljayegirl Registered Users Posts: 276 Major grins

    I see this is an old post... and I don't see any replies... For those with iPhones, one can set up a shared album and invite guests to the album. Guests can then share their photos with the bride. The same could probably be accomplished with a Smugmug gallery, guest-uploading and the app.

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