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Ian HIan H Beginner grinnerCanterburyPosts: 32Registered Users Big grins

My page plug in seems to have stopped working about a week ago. I was hoping that it would start working again. Is there any reason for this on smugmugs side?

It should sit here - https://www.ianhuftonphotography.co.uk/Blog


  • ziggy53ziggy53 Still learnin'still lovin Posts: 19,962Super Moderators moderator
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    If you have an ad blocker extension/plugin on your browser, turn that off. Be sure to refresh the page afterward.

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  • Ian HIan H Beginner grinner CanterburyPosts: 32Registered Users Big grins

    No I don't think that is the problem. I have tried on multiple browsers and also on my iphone. It does not display on any of them. Very strange that it should just stop working.

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