SD versus MicroSD+adapter

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Curious if anyone has good or bad experiences of micro-sd cards with adapters in cameras requiring an SD card. Seems like micro-SD cards are a bit less expensive.

I usually use SD cards, but for an upcoming trip am looking at getting some more cards and wondering what people's thoughts are on the subject.




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    ziggy53ziggy53 Super Moderators Posts: 23,944 moderator

    I use micro-SD for computer-computer transfers, but not in cameras. Micro-SD in an adapter means another set of contacts to keep clean, or it's twice as likely to get a bad connection to interfere with file storage. For personal transfers I can generally afford to take the chance.

    In the field, when you change the card, it's also much easier to misplace a micro-SD card (when outside of the adapter) than an SD card. For personal projects that could be an inconvenience. (Yes, that's happened to me.) For paying work, that could be a disaster.

    My suggestion is simple; for your own stuff the extra risks associated with micro-SD card in an SD adapter is probably justified. For paying jobs, I don't think that the potential cost savings justify the risks.

    In your particular case of a trip, you need to weigh the risk vs reward. For a once-in-a-lifetime trip I would not recommend the additional risk, but for a non-photo-centric trip I don't see any problem. Perhaps use a full-sized SD card for important stuff, and use a micro-SD card in an adapter just for fun stuff and experiments. That way you mitigate the risk while providing an opportunity for choice.

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    mikestrockmikestrock Registered Users Posts: 10 Big grins
    Understood and I completely agree. The cost savings aren't worth the risk. Thanks Ziggy53.

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    pathfinderpathfinder Super Moderators Posts: 14,700 moderator

    For many Micro SD cards you get an SD adapter along with the card, so you wouldn't have to ever remove the card from the adapter - that would diminish the risk of loss in the field.

    One would still have the extra set of connections between the card and the adapter, but that mightn't be too great of an issue if you are never removing the cards from the camera but reading the card via a cord to the camera - just a thought.

    I am always amazed at how small a 128 Gb Micro-SD card really is - smaller than your little finger nail.

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