Windjammer Sail-In

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This gathering of windjammers at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin, Maine is an annual event. This year 10 schooners showed up. The weather was overcast and the light was flat. Most shots are at 450-e and that flattens the backgrounds as well. But the boats put on quite a show.

Victory Chimes - the only 3 masted schooner in the fleet


Ladona passing in review behind the Victory Chimes at anchor.

The Mary Day

The Mary Day lowering sails



The Lewis R French

Watching the Action

The Anchorage


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    The " anchorage " shot sure represents a seldom seen gathering of such vessels. I spent a huge hunk of my teens sailing small Star class sailboats in the Mississippi Gulf waters. All was bliss until I got bitten bad by power boating. Good work here. Thanks for the post.


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    Thanks Tom, we did the motorboat thing for years on Lake Champlain. Not nearly as photogenic as these cuties.

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    Nice set!

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    I'm a sucker for sailboats and boats in general. Nice set, Werner.

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    Thank you for commenting.

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