Folder upload interrupted - do I have to delete and upload from scratch?

gngraciegngracie Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
Hi there. I'm a new SM user and am in the process of uploading my photos. In the middle of one of my uploads, we lost power, so the upload stopped part way through.

I always create subfolders within the folders, i.e. 2016 (main folder) then subfolders, such as "dogs", "family functions", etc.

I want to complete the upload of the year that was interrupted partway through; however, SM won't let me drag the folders into the 2016 folder that's already partially uploaded (I was going to "skip duplicates" during the upload so I catch all of the subfolders and pictures that weren't uploaded before the power went out). I keep getting a message saying I can only drag/upload individual pictures into the folder I've already created, but I don't know which pictures/subfolders made the cut before the power outage.

Do I have to delete my 2016 folder and re-upload the entire folder from scratch (which saves individual pictures and my subfolders), or is there an easier way that I'm missing here? Is there any way to save folders to existing folders?

Thank you 🙂


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