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I have run into an issue that would be easily handled if smart gallery rules were smarter. I'd like to be able to group rules like this for one smart gallery:

(Gallery A AND Keyword X) OR (Gallery B AND Keyword Y)

Currently, AND and OR are applied to all rules at the same time.

My use case? I have a bunch of Cross Country pictures that are taken by me and also a few other parents. I have the parents upload their pics to a separate gallery so I can keep them separate. I want to display pictures from my gallery and the guest gallery.

The smart gallery rule that should be applied would be: (My_Gallery AND Keywords: MeetName, Boys) OR (Guest_Gallery AND Keywords: Boys), but the smart gallery rules do not allow this. It only allows ALL or ANY applied to EVERY rule at the same time.

Using the rules

1) My_Gallery
2) Guest_Gallery
3) Keyword: Boys

ANY results in every picture from both galleries
ALL results in NO picture from either gallery

regardless of Keyword

My solution for now is cumbersome. I need to create many more smart galleries and combine them into another smart gallery.

Being able to group smart rules would be awesome!



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    Theo, let me explain how smart rules work:

    1. "ALL" as a matching method means that each image needs to match all of the "include" rules AND all of the "exclude" rules in order to be included in the gallery.

    2. "ANY" matching rule starts with what is included, then whittles that down using the exclude rules.

    If you are seeing something different, please give us the link to the gallery in question; you can also email us at help (at) if you don't want to share a link here, and we will have a look.

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    Thanks for the response.

    Yeah, I got that. What I want to do is nest rules.

    Unless I am misunderstanding something, there is no way to create this rule:

    (Gallery A AND Keyword X) OR (Gallery B AND Keyword Y)

    Without doing this:

    1) Create smart gallery AX = Gallery A AND Keyword X
    2) Create smart gallery BY = Gallery B AND Keyword Y
    3) Create the desired smart gallery = AX OR BY

    In other words, let's say I have these rules defined for a gallery:

    Rule1: Gallery A
    Rule2: Keyword X
    Rule3: Gallery B
    Rule4: Keyword Y do what I want (without creating multiple smart galleries), I'd like to be able to do the following:

    ANY(ALL(Rule1, Rule2), ALL(Rule3, Rule4))

    Which gets me the photos I want.

    I love the smart gallery capability, but not being able to nest rules or parenthesize them is pretty limiting sometimes.

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