SmugMug action for Siri Shortcuts

pstackpstack Registered Users Posts: 3 Beginner grinner
Just started to use Siri Shortcuts and it would be nice to have an Upload to SmugMug action. There is a "Upload to Imgur" available.



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    leftquarkleftquark Registered Users, Retired Mod Posts: 3,784 Many Grins

    It’s something we’d love to add but are focused on some other important items in the app at the moment (like being able to move photos, folders and galleries, edit titles and captions, etc)

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    dbrazealdbrazeal Registered Users Posts: 4 Big grins
    I just want to jump in here to second this. What a great time-saver it would be to have a Smugmug integration for Shortcuts. With Adobe Lightroom’s recent improvement to allow us to export more than 15 photos at a time, I can whip through the process of posting photos to my news/sports site so quickly. But Shortcuts would cut a bunch more time off that.
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