Bright edge on shots from Canon 85mm at f/1.6

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With the flash on high-speed sync, at 1/2000 sec. I've seen this with the 24-70mm lens as well at high shutter speed and high-speed sync. Am I out of the recommended parameters for the Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT?


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    UPDATE! It's not the flash. Maybe the camera shutter needs maintenance? Canon 1Dx Mk-II - not sure how many actuations, but I've never had it serviced. Could be over 500K by now. Anyone seen anything like this along one edge?

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    I think this is a shutter sticking - the focal plane shutter slit crosses the sensor across the short axis - the slit passes from top to bottom or vice versa.

    I had one repaired by Canon Factory Service for this problem many years ago - You can check by shooting at a series of shutter speeds with flash in HSS, and the problem usually isn't visible at more typical shutter speeds - 1/200. 1/400th or so - but at high speeds the slit delays passage enough to alter the exposure along the left of your frame. Talk to the folks at Canon Factory Service, or send them a series of images shot at several different shutter speeds using HSS

    They can fix it.

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