Pinned the header but its pinned at first while it should be pinned after scrolling.

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Hi Smugmugers!
I'm customizing a shop in Smugmug and trying to pin the shop navigation menu to top but faced 2 issues that are going to make me crazy!

Issue 1:
I've used the pinning section and pinned the header to top, but my header contains logo and a separator as well that I don't want to pin them too (just want to pin the nav menu alone), so I've used (.sm-page-layout-region-header.sm-page-layout-region-pinned) classes and hided the logo and separator in pinned header by using CSS. The problem is here:
When I open/refresh the shop, the header is pinned automatically at first! While it should be pinned to top after scrolling; but if I scroll once, it works properly for the rest. I think it's a bug in Smugmug because as I checked all other shops also have this issue (header has ".sm-page-layout-region-pinned" class at first).

Issue 2:
I want to show the shop logo next to the menu in pinned header, I've put a single image next to menu and hided it in the original header but showed in pinned header by using CSS. The problem is:
When I open/refresh the shop, the logo is not displaying and placing to right position in pinned header, until I resize the browser height (first browser resizing shows the image and second browser resizing puts the image in right place). after resizing the browser, all things work properly for the rest.

Thanks for helping :smile:
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