Black Rock, Maui

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Aloha gang,

Today I'm sharing a pic from the west side of the island, in a resort community called Ka'anapali (Kah-ah-nuh-pah-lee). Black Rock, shown in the foreground, under the resort, is a popular jump-off spot for water enthusiasts. You can clamber up the rocks, climb up to the top, and make the 15-20ft leap into the sea.

This image was created stitching 9 telephoto shots into one wide panoramic. Enjoy!


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    Great capture of the Ka'anapali coast, and mountains in the background. My kids and grand kids love the black rock. It's the in place for the younger crowd.

    I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going anyway.

    Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity!
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    Nice capture JBR!

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