Instagram on my smugmug site

dude75dude75 Beginner grinnerPosts: 9Registered Users Big grins

Hi all
is there a chance to display my instagram photos on my smugmug site like a blog?


  • mrneutronmrneutron Support Hero Posts: 214Registered Users Major grins

    Instagram does not provide a feed. I've tried several third party solutions but they all break eventually.

    One is

    You can try adding that link in an rss feed on your SmugMug site but it may eventually stop working.

    Andy K
    SmugMug Support Hero
  • BigRedBigRed Major grins Central MarylandPosts: 274Registered Users Major grins

    Free trial of feed produced by seems to be working OK in a Smugmug Feed block. - Janice Browne Nature Art & Photography
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