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alaiosalaios Major grinsPosts: 668Registered Users Major grins

Hi all,
I would like to create a new gallery in smugmug and order the photos manually in correct time order. The file name of the files unfortunately does not correspond to the right timely order.
I wonder if when one download the files, can have smugmug to overwrite the files names so then after the dowload the files are sorted as I did in smugmug.

Please tell me that something like that exists.


  • mrneutronmrneutron Support Hero Posts: 214Registered Users Major grins

    Hi Alex,

    That does not exist at this time.

    The download retains the file name and does not overwrite them to match the order.
    If your images have a date and time stamp, you can sort them in SmugMug by by date taken.
    That still won't affect downloads.

    Andy K
    SmugMug Support Hero
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