Greenland Sled Dogs and Icelandic Horses September 2018

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I attended a Muench workshop in early September, involving several days of sailboating on the west coast of Greenland, and several days making a Trans-Iceland passage from south to north in the Highlands of Iceland.

I was hoping to see several varieties of wildlife. But all I really saw in Greenland was sled dogs in the local villages we entered, and Icelandic horses near Myvatn in Iceland.

The sled dogs were healthy, gorgeous, and very curious and friendly

Here are three sitting still for a very brief moment. In the village all dogs over 6 months of age are chained up unless they are working, while puppies are allowed to roam free until 6 months of age. I noted they all were sturdy dogs with very large feet and forepaws.

My what big feet you have!

Here is an older dog that is chained but bored

The horses in Iceland are always so pretty with their blue eye and long hair blowing in the wind

And here is one in monochrome

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