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365trucking_Jim365trucking_Jim houstonRegistered Users Posts: 1 Beginner grinner
Don't know if this is the right place or not. I need to duplicate my site in it's entirety to another Smug site. I can rebuild the artwork but the folder and gallery structure is large. Smug said they can only move the folders and galleries. I need the same exact images, folders and galleries in two different sites. Thanks Jim [email protected]


  • Lille UlvenLille Ulven Lille Ulven ScandinaviaRegistered Users Posts: 563 Major grins

    Just an idea that might work: the SmugMug uploader - as far as I have read it - can create folders and galleries based on the directories that you are uploading. So you could export your photos from LR into the folders named as your galleries from your initial site and then import these folders into your new site. It would not give you the access settings and gallery descriptions, though, I am afraid.

    My plan b - which may or may not work at all:
    Utilizing the LR uploader to help you out. If you were to set up the Smugmug Plugin a second time for your new site, you could in theory copy all folders and galleries from your first site over to the second "plugin" and then publish from there. Just make sure you synchronized the first connection before copying. Could work. - The Photos of my travels - The Stories of my travels
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