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I have a business account since 2012 and would set my client albums to unlisted, once I've retouched their files I would upload to their folders and the clients can download. Saturday I received an email from Smugmug informing me that someone is requesting to download an album that I had just delivered and I thought the client was doing something strange. She also found it confusing and had downloaded her files individually on her phone and emailed them to herself so she could get them on her laptop. Yesterday I got a second email like that and contacted support to find someone at Smugmug decided to make my life difficult and I am actually paying a handsome sum each year for this.

Now when the client tries to download a gallery they are prompted to enter their email address and an email is sent to their pro (me) who then has to authorise the download. Yes you, the pro has already set the gallery to download but Smugmug has changed it, now you either need to (1) make the gallery public (really, for a client? and if they are nudes?) or (2) password the gallery, which I find when they forget they email you which means more admin for me). Also guess what, the link Smugmug sends to the customer only last two weeks so if your client loses the images or just need to download you have to do it all over again. If you are a business customer as I am then you are actually paying Smugmug to make you life e difficult! :(

Wetransfer has this option and I could use this but I am running a business and branding is important for me to be able to get work to pay the yearly fees and survive so I do not want to be spending time uselessly.

Please fix this, just leave it the way it was!


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    This was a necessary security feature we implemented a few weeks ago.

    The links have always expired after two weeks. That has not changed.

    Sorry for the inconvenience but we put the security of your photos as a priority.

    Andy K
    SmugMug Support Hero
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