Disable light box from opening for mobile phone users when landing on a gallery page

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I use the Osiris theme which allows you to display and link to different galleries from the home page just by just tagging one photo from each gallery with a keyword. My site can be found at shop.tubemapper.com

This works great on a desktop, and when you click through from the homepage you land on the corresponding gallery, showing the image that you have tagged with the keyword. However when you click through on a mobile phone from the homepage, the page that you land on automatically launches a pop up, or light box, of the image with the keyword. But it would be better on the mobile version to land on the page with that pop up activating. Is there a way to disable the automatic launch of the pop up/light box?




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    Your homepage is set up with a "multiple photos" content block. By design, that always primarily goes to the photo you chose allowing the visitor to view the photo bigger (as is the intention if the multiple photos content block). On smaller screen devices this pretty much always is the photo in lightbox.

    If you don't wish to open a specific photo, instead of using the "multiple photos" content block on your homepage, you may add the "galleries" content block instead which would only open the gallery. The photo displayed in the content block is determined by the feature image you've set up in the gallery settings > basics tab:

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    Thans this was the solution I was after

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