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Does anybody want them anymore? Who? Where? Lenses too. Tamron, Minolta, Sigma. Does anybody or any store trade or give true value or credit?

Anybody interested in a
1)Minolta XG-m with multiple lenses?
2)Minolta Maxxum 5 and 4 lenses (Tamron telephoto, Minolta wide-angle, more)

I'd listen to advice, trade or other offer.


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    Film SLR bodies have little intrinsic value these days. Brick-and-Mortar stores will not give much for either trade or outright purchase because they need to realize a profit in order to maintain their store, pay employees, pay utilities and taxes, etc. Likewise they will try to sell the same equipment for more in order to realize their profit.

    My advice would be to run a roll of film through the cameras and lenses, to demonstrate that they still work, then try to sell them locally or on EBay or similar. You still won't get much but at least you should get a bit more than any trade-in valuation.

    If you should have truly valuable lenses, then those should be sold separately. If you want help determining lens valuations then please post as much information as you can find on the lens(es) but at least focal length(s) and aperture(s), plus clear photos of front, rear and sides for each.

    If it were me, I would just give the stuff to a young person with an interest in photography, assuming that the equipment is in usable condition. (Yes, I actually have done that and fairly recently too, with a Canon AT-1 and a 50mm prime lens. It went to the daughter of a former fellow employee.)

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    Thanks Ziggy53. I have donated a few cameras in the past and was simply looking for the affirmation that film cameras have bottom-value except for teaching. Appreciated.
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