Sony DSC-W510 replacement?

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As Title - looking for a replacement for a dscw510 that's been held together with tape / elastic bands for a while.
Bought for Bro in Law as present some yrs ago and 'the boss' has suggested that a replacement for upcoming festivities is in order.

Have trawled the usual haunts, reading reviews etc ... and, tbh, almost at the point of losing the will to live ... going round in circles as seem to be a fair bit of poor review stats associated with newer model Sony equivalents - and I'm unfamiliar with offerings from other makes.

So, I wondered if there are any Dgers who've bought something like this - in the £100 / $150 range that they'd be happy (ish?) recommending to a potential punter?

Use is ... imo ... pretty standard stuff - scenery - he goes on a lot of walking hols - buildings / group shots of others etc etc - nothing that requires gear at either end of the more exotic scale (eg wildlife or macro)

Suggestions - especially those based on actual use / experience - will be gratefully received.

Smartphe is not an option, btw as he doesn't want / need one

Thanks, pp.


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    My last P&S was a FujiFilm F40fd, which I still have but haven't used in 3 or more years.

    Looking around it would appear that the Sony DSCW830 Digital Compact Camera - Silver (20.1MP, 8x Optical Zoom) 2.7 inch LCD seems to be the closest modern Sony P&S replacement, and the cost falls into your criteria: £94.94 & FREE Delivery in the UK.
    Reviews on Amazon are fairly good and typical for this class of camera, and it's an "Amazon's Choice" (woohoo).

    Looks to be a good user review here:

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    Thanks, Ziggy - the /830, together with the /800 and /810 had already crossed my radar - and whilst I'd not read the review you linked, the comments made by the reviewer were in line with similar I'd seen elsewhere.
    Obviously, being used to the sort of gear that I use, expecting comparable results from 'this class of camera' - for peanuts (relatively speaking) - is always going to be an issue :)


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