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I need some advice on how to set up Menu hierarchies.

I am settings up my site with a public part and a private family part.

I have all my photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC and I will deliver galleries to my SmugMug site using the SmugMug LR plugin.
I would like the site to dynamically display new galleries coming from LR (i.e. without any work needed in SmugMug).

On SmugMug I have a public folder hierarchy where only the bottom folders will contain the galleries coming from LR.
In the public folder hierarchy all folders have Visibility=Public(anyone) and Access=Anyone

On SmugMug I also have a "private" folder hierarchy where only the bottom folders will contain the galleries coming from LR.
In the "private" folder hierarchy the TOP folder has Visibility=Unlisted(Anyone with the Link) and Access=People with Password.
All other folders in this hierarchy have Visibility=Public(anyone) and Access=People with Password(Inherited).

I have two test pages - one with a menu to public part, and another with a menu to the private part.

The menus are built in the same way. They mimic the folder hierarchy by "indenting" menu items.
All but the "bottom" menu items are set up with LINK:
- "Link To" = "Custom URL" and URL blank (so they just act as placeholders).

All "bottom" menu items (corresponding to "bottom" Folders) are set up with LINK:
- "Link To" = "Page I Choose" and "Pick One" pointing to a "bottom folder"
- "Include Sub-Links" option is ON

The Public part works as expected.
The menu hierarchy opens up and when reaching a "bottom" item all Galleries in the corresponding folder is shown.

BUT the private part does not work as expected.
The menu hierarchy opens up BUT when reaching a "bottom" item No Galleries appear.
So the Include Sub-links option does not work as I expected.

Am I misunderstanding something?
Some other tweak needed to make it work as I want to?
Or a bug?

You are welcome to see it live at
Click TEST on top menu bar and there are links to the two test pages.
To get access to private test part use "Alohomora"

I can include some screen shots of the setup if needed.



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    By setting your galleries / sub-folders to UNLISTED, you're making them not be visible. By definition, unlisted galleries don't get shown (their visibility is hidden) unless you specifically share the link with someone.

    Often what we see is people set their "PRIVATE" folder to Unlisted, then make the children of that folder be Public. Nobody can find "Private" unless you get them there, but then they can see anything in it you want them to.

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