Bluebell Railway

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I hope I can address the lack of UK Steam railways on Dgrin and Smugmug, by sharing a few photos with you.

Starting with the iconic LNER pacific Flying Scotsman, seen during its visit to the railway last year. This loco is now owned by the nation and has undergone a restoration to running order costing over a million pounds. It draws huge crowds wherever it goes:

Steam trains operate across the majority of the year, not always hauled by the big glamorous locos:

The loco above was built in 1905 and restored to service again in 2012. Preserved steam locos in the UK will be restored for a 7 to 10 year period of operation, before needing major works, which will include a new boiler certificate. Its quite possible at that time, that some locos will find themselves at the "Back of the overhaul queue" which could see them out of service for many years.

At the Bluebell, in common with the major Steam Railways, there will be a fully equipped workshop, where all the repairs are completed, ready for another turn in service. Here we see under restoration loco at the railway:

This loco BR Standard No 80151 is due back in service probably next year (2019). Built at Brighton in the late 1950's

The above photo was taken in 2009 and shows an 0-6-0 loco at the railway, running through some of the lovely countryside. The loco was built in 1896 and returned to service in 2017.

I hope the above is of interest and that I have posted in the right place! Assuming both are right, I will post more railway photos soon.

The shameless plug! to see more photos:

The Bluebell Railway can be found running between East Grinstead (Mainline station), through to Sheffield Park in Sussex.


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    I live less than 3 miles away from the southern end of the GCR and can easily hear it when the wind's in the right direction. Although I've never been a railway enthusiast (rc boats / aircraft) I can certainly remember biking to the top of GGlane in Birstall to watch trains 'back in the day' - more as a destination for the ride than anything else, I suspect :)

    To me, it's (very) rare to see pics of such subjects as cars / aircraft / boats / buses / trains / locos etc that are anything more than just 'record' shots of a situation /event - with light and background often being less than optimal.


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    Interesting thought, but of course isn't every photo a record of the event / occasion :-)

    Railways have been my passion since I was a kid and I find them a thoroughly enjoyable pastime and for me to combine railways and photography is a great way of passing a Saturday afternoon.

    Thanks for your comments.

    This photo from the Bluebell Railway was taken during one of the Real Ale & Jazz services, running on 3 or 4 Friday evenings during the summer.

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    Love the smoke in your shots: the 1st and the last!

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