Winter Lights at Newfields at the IMA

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Saturday evening I participated in the Winterlight exhibit at Newfields, a seasonal light show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art - ( This is a pretty spammy link, but if you can go to the Reader version without the ads it is pretty nice, - on my MAC I click on the icon in the left side of the header at the top of Safari ( If I try to post that link here, it just sends you to the page you see in the link I included )

My daughter in law purchased the tickets a few days ago, and made a smart decision to enter the display at 5 pm, just about 20 minutes before sunset, and before much of the crowd. I took only my 7D MkII and a Tamron 16-300 mm zoom and no tripod, since I wasn't certain tripods would be allowed. I know they are not allowed inside the museum , so... all my images are handheld, shot while the lights were dancing to the music of the season.

As we entered the grounds, the sun was still above the horizon and the sky was partly cloudy and orange to the west.

As we walked towards the Lilly Mansion the lights in the yard were lovely

The inside of the mansion was festively decorated, but pretty dark, most of my images shot at ISO 12000 or higher so I won't display them here - l did catch a frame of the car in the garage - a 1917 Pathfinder - yup, that is a fact

As the music played and the sunset farther below the horizon, the yard came alive with color and dance

The sky continued to darken, until only the lights in the trees could be seen - some trees had over 70,000 lights, it was quite an beautiful thing to see on a 50+ degree evening in November

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More about the IMA can be found here -

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    Very nice set, great colors. Great job of balancing the twilight and electric light.

    I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going anyway.

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