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Is there a way to show additional Metadata in the smugmug Gallerys? I wan't to set up own custom Metadata fields in Lightroom. That custom fields can be put (via PLugin) in normal IPTC Fields.
I would like to have a gallery that at the end shows like this on
I guess that i have to make also changes to the css. Or is that, what i want impossible?


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    If I understand your question correctly it's not impossible. Using Jeffrey Friedl's "Publish to SmugMug" plugin, you can put together a caption using fields selected from your metadata. I use a combination of four fields; caption, city, state and country.

  • flieger28flieger28 Beginner grinner Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins

    Yes, i think it should work.
    But i guess it is impossible to change the name of The fields for Caption and description on smugmug

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    Well, it's not like the name of the fields would precede their contents on your website. So you could either leave the caption field empty and turn the "if the caption is empty show filename" off, or place the name of the plane in the caption field. Then, with the help of a little bit CSS (stored in your smugmug customizations) and HTML to build up the table, you could even "automize" that with a find-and-replace plugin that is accessing the EXIF information of your photo to extract things like the photographer's name, date and location of the photo taken...
    To a degree that is what I do on my site (without the fancy headers) in my captions, in order to have the place and uuid displayed.

    Good luck!

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