Trip to the Southwest (and California)

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My partner and I are planning a trip from mid-April to the beginning of May next year. We're picking up our rental RV in the bay area and are driving down the coast as far as Paso Robles (my father's birthplace) and then are heading east towards Arizona, Utah and Nevada then back up Hwy. 395 (a road I've always wanted to take!) and over the Sierras via Hwy 50 and down to Yosemite. (It's pretty unlikely that Hwy. 120 will be open in early May...)

When we bought our plane tickets, 4 weeks sounded like a long time but after various visits to family and friends and other important stops on the itinerary, our "canyon time" will be limited to about 8 days. Definitely included in our current plans are Grand Canyon (south rim), Bryce and Zion. We are also considering visiting Horeshoe Bend and Lake Powell. Monument Valley and Arches have been (at least for now) regretfully omitted because of distance. We've decided against Antelope Canyon - I think ten years ago it was probably wonderful to visit but I am really put off by everyting I read about how crowded and commercial it is now. [Insert here my rant about the "Instagramization" and overpopulation of all beautiful places.] I have read about other slot canyons in the area and would appreciate any tips (even by pm if one doesn't want to advertise the place).

There are so many interesting places to see that we are a bit overwhelmed by the choices. I'd appreciate any personal recommendations of parks to visit in southern Utah - for us it's important to see and experience the area and not necessarily tick of the list of important sights we've visited. This of course begs the question; are Bryce and Zion a must or are there other, less overrun parks that would be as swell to see (swellness being subjective, of course :wink:)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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