Create a Folder to display a pre-defined galleries?

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How can I achieve to display a group of galleries following a pre-defined search criteria? The Galleries belong to different Folders and all have the same Meta Keyword 'TRAVELFRANCE'. I would like to automatically display it on a Folder without needing to type the search criteria. Can I create a Search Content and have it only display the result Galleries? I noticed that the Gallery Content does not allow to select Galleries by Meta Keyword. :-(


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    I think this can only be done manually.
    In Organizer go to your homepage or a specific folder you want it in.
    Create a new "Page". A "Page" is a generic blank "page" with no pre-defined content like a folder or gallery page would have.
    Add a galleries box/widget on it.
    Select "galleries I choose".
    Pick galleries from anywhere on your site.
    These will appear in the order of being picked so it might take some time to pick in the order you like.

    Edit: You could forget about adding a new page and add this box to your homepage.

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    This process is OK if only for one time. In my case more galleries will be added in the future and it can become a task intensive process. Does smugmug have plans to enable meta keyword as selection criteria in the future?
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