Title, Caption is being ignored while uploading

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Hello Team,

I have set title, caption & keywords to my photos in my local hard drive and it can be visible when viewing Property of a particular image file BUT when i'm uploading the same image file to SmugMug via API or Directly through website here is what happening:

-Title is set NULL (my image file has the title).
-The content (which i have set in the image file against Title property) of Title is setting as Caption on SmugMug (SmugMug treating Title text as caption after upload).
-Actual Caption/Comments of image file is fully ignored by SmugMug after upload.
-Keywords are working fine and remain intact.

For your reference i'm attaching a image file with Title, Caption/Comment, Keyword set.

Thanks much for your help.


  • mardymardy RussiaRegistered Users Posts: 10 Big grins
    Hi Anand, I've developed an application (PhotoTeleport) to upload photos to SmugMug through the API and it appears that the title is uploaded properly. Can you show here an example of a raw HTTP request from your application?

    PhotoTeleport: open source, multi platform photo uploader.

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