How to: Import Instagram Data Download to SmugMug with embedded metadata in media files

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I wanted to create a Smugmug version of my private Instagram feed to share with non-Instagram friends. Now that Instagram allows you to download all your media, metadata, etc., I could use that as a base import to SM. The media files in the IG export do not include metadata though. The metadata is contained in a separate media.json file.

I modified an existing instagram_import python script to add Instagram metadata to the media files so they can be imported into SM with metadata being imported properly as well. The script also renames the files to match the date the item was posted to IG. After a bunch of testing (and a little help from great SM support), the script is now ready to share in case it's useful for anyone else.

Obviously the files from IG are lower quality/etc so I just upload them to one gallery sorta isolated from the rest of my SM site. I then customized that gallery to somewhat look like an IG feed with photos/videos and captions/hashtags. I placed the IG location info & date posted to IG into the keywords field. I'm just using the script for a one time bulk transfer from IG to SM. After that I'll dual post to both IG and that SM gallery (until some other solution for dual-posting is found).

I can't post links here yet, so instead go to and then search for "". Thats the name of the script.

Please read the details/comments/instructions within the script. Requires python3 and exiftool.

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