Selling holiday cards

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Can anyone tell me the best way to set up and sell cards? Sounds like it's no longer possible through my SmugMug Pro site?


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    We were looking toplace our order for our family cards last week and didn't see it in any of the offered products either. We ended up ordering a bunch of 4x8 prints from Smug and envelopes from AMZN.

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    Smugmug removed cards as a printing option a while back. It has been over one month now that the link on Smugmug's main site (perks) for Chatbooks' cards with Smugmug discount has not worked. Either Smugmug should fix that link, or just remove Chatbooks as a partner.

    If I was looking for photo cards, I would just give the job to Costco. Cheap, fast, and over 150 card types available.

    2019 Update:
    Chatbooks link at Smugmug Perks still goes nowhere.

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