Download Proof Delay -- Pretty Please?

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I beg SmugMug every year to provide a fix. Ideally they'd just allow a proof-delay for downloads like they do print orders... that allows me 3 days to review the order and make corrections before the order goes out. I upload 800+ images a day during the Santa-season, obviously I cannot retouch all of those so they are download-ready. Failing that, how about letting us define a custom response that they send MY customers when they fill the download order to say that a retouched image will be sent to them shortly and that they may not want to use the straight-from-camera image that they now have instant access to. Failing both of those could you at least change the notices you send me saying that a client has ordered a high-res download so that the reply-to address is set to the CLIENT's e-mail so that I could do a simple auto-reply. I am very busy this time of year and it can be many hours before I have a chance to see those notices and reply to MY clients, who have all too often submitted a Christmas card order using the inferior image by time they hear from me. This is unacceptable, and has been for YEARS. Please hear my pleas!


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    This is definitely towards the top of our plan for improving some of the commerce features on SmugMug. There's some big improvements in a number of areas and improvements to digital downloads is definitely in the mix there. Unfortunately I can't say when we can get to those but know that your plea (and others) is understood

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    I really only have two gripes about my Smugmug service. This is one of them. Really hard to believe that it has been so many years and it is still not available. (My other wish is an easy way to link my two accounts, especially so I could move images easily from one to the other.)



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    Pretty please with sugar on top!
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    I'm all for a proof delay on downloads also. More features/more control = better smugmug!

    From a buyers perspective though, I would be pretty pissed if I paid for a digital download and was told I had to wait up-to 24hrs for the file to be sent to me. It wouldn't make any sense at all to buyers as to why a delay is necessary, and letting them know its because the image needs editing first strikes me as unprofessional and sloppy.

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