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Hey everyone,
It's been a while since I've refreshed my site and wanted some advice. I lurk on here often, and am always grateful for the time and energy (and tone) of the support & ideas here.

For context: I have been using my site to share and sell photos from a broad range of content that I shoot. I am now doing portraits shoots featuring Graffiti & Models all over the place. I am doing more of those as paid shoots and want to differentiate it a bit more from my main page. For a bunch of reasons, I don't want to set up a totally different SmugMug site. So I have two questions:

1) URL - I have a main page at KBevPhoto.com through SmugDomains. All of the sub-pages start with that URL. I forgot how I set that up YEARS ago, but it works and is fine. I also purchased GrafNModels.com a while back and just pointed that to the page inside my kbevphoto.com site. However, it's just a pointer and the KBevPhoto.com/GrafnModels URL is the one that it lands on. Question Is there any way to have that land on Granfmodels.com/ on that branch of my main KbevPhoto site? I'm guessing I can, but want to ask.

2) On the GrafNModels page and subpages, I wanted to have a different banner (and possibly a different color scheme) from the main site. Is there an easy way to do that that you all would pursue? I see a recent post on this, but I've seen a few approaches. Basically, I just need a different headblock that I can customize for GrafNModels and the sub-pages...

Thanks in advance for any advice. Basically, I've decided to get my act together and do a better job commercializing what I'm doing, so I wanted to upgrade the experience on the page that features the work I'm doing.



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    Hi yes, this can be done using css to hide/display different header and footer elements as well as themes for different fonts and colors. I will send you some examples. - jerryr

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    Hey there -
    So I've gotten close to what i wanted. So I now have one more question:

    How can I hide the site-wide title block and use a different one for the main grafnmodels.com page and all the pages "under" it? Basically, I want a cleaner, simpler header for that part of my site. I will tweak the design later. Right now, the site-wide title is showing and the "Just this gallery" one is showing under it. I want to hide the site wide title.

    I see this post: https://dgrin.com/discussion/255423/multiple-site-banners

    But I don't see how to figure out the widgets/nodes for the site. I think I understand the code itself (I'm a novice hack, not a coder), but I don't see how to find the widget #'s


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    Third post in the saga as I learn how to do what I need. I'm close, but I don't understand why it's glitching the way that it does. Rather than flood the board with new posts, I'm just updating the title and adding to the journal/journey.

    OK, so I now have two HTML blocks providing the banners at the top of my page. There is a (1) General "KBevPhoto" block with some photos and (2) a #GrafNModels block that I want to use on my site.

    Specifically, I ONLY want the GrafNModels banner to show up on the part of my site that is grafnmodels.com. (also known as kbevphoto.com/grafnmodels - I have a URL that points directly to this, fwiw)

    So I am trying to
    (1) hide the main one for that section of my website. I will also want to hide the menu bar and search box, but if I can figure out the banners, I think i can figure those out later).
    (2) Hide the GrafNmodels banner for the rest of my site

    Based on my hacking and an assist from @Hikin' Mike , I think I have identified:
    1. The HTML Widget for the KBevPhoto is: 14463179
    2. My website main page/parent: Jc7bx
    3. The Grafnmodels page: Q9K3pB

    So i added this code to the top of the CSS for the HTML block I'm trying to hide:

    .sm-page-node-Q9K3pB .sm-page-parentnode-Jc7bx .sm-page-widget-14463179, /* GNM folder /
    .sm-page-parentnode-Jc7bx .sm-page-parentnode-Q9K3pB .sm-page-widget-14463179 /
    flow down from GNM folder to everything below */
    {display: none;}

    The 2nd line of this code removed the KBevPhoto banner block from the ENTIRE website, not just the GrafNModels section. If I delete it, the block comes back. What is it doing? I have played around with a bunch of variations for about 2 hours and can't figure out why it is behaving this way.


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