What's new at Smugmug? Any product updates or anything ?

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Your latest Smugmug news or product updates if from 3/17/17 what have you folks worked on so we don't have to dig around and find what you have done? Where have you guys been? Not much communication lately about whats happening with Smugmug..


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    We’ve worked on a lot this year - in fact we pushed over 1,300 code releases this year. The shopping cart has been iterated on continuously since we launched the new experience last year, and our Pro’s are selling more photos than ever (obviously due to being more mobile friendly). We’ve spent some time making it easier for new customers to get started with SmugMug and setup a template (with plans to bring it to all of you for choosing new designs). And a large focus had been put towards mobile - with a number of improvements to mobile web and our iOS and Android apps.

    We’ll be summarizing a lot of this work in an upcoming blog post scheduled for a week or so from now.

    The lack of announcements from me has been a function of spending my time devoted towards product improvements.

    In the new year I’ll also be working to return to posting monthly release notes for all our products.

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    Thanks for the update, please keep us updated. I really appreciate what I got today. Happy the ordering from Mobile is all good now..

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